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Our Products are freshly vacuum packed, delivered to your door & ready for freezing. Distributed nationwide through our partners Dexter Browne.

5Kg Premium Dexter Steak Box (€140)

For the discerning steak lover. This box includes

  • Fillet (2 X 150g/5.5oz),
  • Striploin (6 X 200/7oz),
  • Sirloin (6 X 250g/9oz),
  • Ribeye(4 X 250g/9oz),
  • Steak pieces (1Kg).
  • Complimentary beef sausages
  • Peppercorn sauce

5Kg Starter Meat Box (€75)

Our 5Kg box is a great starter pack, ideal for your introduction to Dexter beef

  • Striploin (2 X 200g/7oz)
  • Sirloin (2 X 250/9oz)
  • Steak pieces (500g)
  • Mince (1Kg)
  • Burgers (12 X 4oz)
  • Round Roast (1 X 1Kg)

10Kg Family Meat Box (€150)

Our 10Kg box is great value, ideal for families

  • Striploin (2 X 200g/7oz),
  • Sirloin (4 X 250/9oz),
  • Ribeye (2 X 250g/9oz),
  • Steak pieces(2Kgs),
  • Mince (2Kg).
  • Burgers (8 X 6oz)
  • Round Roasts (2 X 1Kg)
  • Beef Sausages (1Kg)

Half Carcass (€12/Kg)

A half carcass includes approximately 60K of meat butchered to the needs of the customer. Please contact us directly for more details

Naturally produced great tasting meats!