Our Farm “An Spailpín Bó” is named after our main farm enterprise, Dexter cattle. They’re a small hardy native breed with a roguish but likeable temperament. Sometimes know as the cotter’s cow, they weren’t always given the level of appreciation or respect they deserved. This has changed dramatically over the last decade, the demand for Dexter cattle has grown rapidly throughout the world due mostly to the taste and heath benefits of the meat but also the versatility and resilience of this enduring little animal.

Here at An Spailpín Bó we’re trying alternative ways or farming, we’re not so arrogant as to suggest our ways are better but we do believe a new model is possible, one that is more commercially viable, lower cost to the environment and a much higher standard of care to our animals.

At the core of this model is “biological farming” a change in thinking away from the chemical view, where all challenges are met with the application of agri-chemicals to an appreciation and understanding of the role and importance of biology, especially microbial. Understanding this and using this knowledge to manage productivity can have a profound effect on profits and the environment.